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Services Offered

Small Events/Engagement Parties/Weddings/Elopements

If you're looking for a friendly, affordable, photographer who pledges to keep your individuality at the forefront of her mind for your small event or wedding, get in touch.  I offer anything from a 2 hour package for those who prefer to have the main event covered and a few post ceremony photos, to a full day's coverage.  Please see my Packages page for more details and prices:-    


I walk a fine line between capturing stolen moments and creating a beautiful visual record of special occasions, without monopolising your day and giving you face ache!   I'm LGBTQIA+ friendly and welcome clients of any religious persuasion.  I'm also a proud member of Unconventional Wedding, a directory created for people who like to do things differently!  Please take a look at my portfolio and see for yourself:-  

Mini Outdoor Photo Shoots/Portraits

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved people watching, attending weddings and dressing up.  So now I get to do all three!


I understand what it's like to be camera shy but also love to celebrate people at their best by helping them relax and enjoy being the centre of attention.  That's why I offer mini outdoor photoshoots or indoor portrait sessions to help people learn to love being in front of the lens; my goal being to work with them to produce some beautiful photos showcasing them at their best! 


Mini outdoor photo shoots and indoor portrait sessions are available all year round and I will consult with you to discuss your ideas and hopes for the shoot, whether it be to update the family album, give an alternative gift to a loved one, fly solo with an empowering photo shoot or dress up as your favourite movie character!

Visit my Packages page for more details: 


Obviously there's more to me than being a freelance alternative wedding and elopement photographer.  I have long been a slow fashion devotee.  My home and personal style can best be described as "eclectic."  I feel that this approach also ensures that my photographs are always fresh and creative.  Mindful of my impact on the planet, I try to keep work relatively close to home, so my focus is on the West Midlands, venturing some way into neighbouring counties Shropshire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire and Herefordshire and Warwickshire, but never be afraid to ask! 

Photographic Style

This is always a tricky question.  I suppose I would have to say it's more documentary in style, using natural light.  Should you require formal shots on the day, that's absolutely fine too, but I do love to lie low and capture emotions and stolen moments, aiming to ensure that mood and storytelling reign supreme.

A Little About Me

I love cats (and dogs), and have faithfully served more than one in my time. 


Fast fashion isn't my thing.  I prefer vintage and preloved items that come with a little history and enjoy the challenge of putting together outfits that not everyone will be wearing. 


I'm also passionate about nature and am lucky enough to live in an area with beautifully diverse scenery here in the West Midlands, so my exercise regime is taking long walks and discovering new places - always carrying my camera. 


I like old characterful buildings and young at heart people.  Music, gritty crime novels, art, TV and film also consume my time.  

What else can I tell you?  I'm a wife, daughter, mother...I drink coffee (not too much), don't do dairy and can always be tempted by a Bendicks mint, a glass of fruity red or an ice cold G&T.

Affiliations and Publications

I was shortlisted in the National Trust Photography Competition 2019; one of my landscape photographs was selected to feature in the 2019 National Trust Handbook.  A number of my photos are displayed locally.  I've been featured by industry blogs, including the Boho Brides Guide Directory and Unconventional Wedding and my work has been also made it into print in Your West Midlands magazine (link here)

Contact me here

"Thank you so much Claire, the photographs have made such a difference to my Etsy shop.  Amazing job!"  Grace Nicholls

"The photos are amazing!"

                                          Mun and Naema


Copyright Claire Evans, Winter Peach Photography

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