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Photography and Props for Wild West Midlands Romantics!

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Thank you for stopping by!  I'm Claire, a photographer for hire, specialising in alternative wedding and elopement photography, bordering the Black Country and the Creative County of Staffordshire in the Heart of England.   I am happy to cover the West Midlands area - up to an hour's drive from my home in the interests of minimising impact on the planet (although there are always exceptions if I can make a mini break of it!)


All featured photographs are captured using available, natural light - principally with my trusty Nikon D7500.  


The heart of England is a wonderfully diverse region with spectacular scenery, ancient woodland, canals and rivers, castle ruins and cool and vibrant cities.  The area's diversity inspires countless wedding themes and aesthetics.


My husband and I are creatives and love the great outdoors, old bangers/classic cars, junk shops and collecting.  Gareth's a former product design consultant and was horrified at the amount of plastic used in the industry.  We both try to live a more sustainable life and luckily have always prized craftsmanship and quality over shiny, new and disposable.  I have long been a slow fashion devotee, my personal style created from pre-loved and vintage items.  Over the years, we have amassed an inventory of quirky and characterful items, which will work brilliantly for alternative wedding decor.  Read more on our alternative props for hire page.   So between us, we can help both create and capture your momentous day!  However, if you're looking exclusively for a photographer or exclusively for props, that's fine too!  Don't hesitate to contact me for a friendly, informal chat.   All details and a provisional booking form can be found on the Contact Page.

All Images Copyright Claire Evans, Winter Peach Photography

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